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Public Home Brewing Recipes

Our public recipes are hand picked so they do not become repetitive or too similar. Although every recipe is excellent to brew right off the screen, we like to leave the tweaking up to you with the Customize Recipe tool. Each has been brewed several times to ensure an unique, quality recipe.

Melisandre Red  Red  (Extract)

A medium-big bodied ale with a nice malt profile and low bitterness/hopiness. It's simple recipe makes it easy to make and guarantees success.

Trish's Honey Brown  Brown  (All Grain)

A deceptively big brown ale with a light crisp body. The honey and low mash temperatures hide how big this brew is. Nutty, chocolate finish with a touch of honey and hop bitterness.

Big & Huge '08 Winner  Doppelbock  (Mini-Mash)

A big, rich dopplebock that won it's class in a popular home brew contest. A large grain bill with some extract added to boost the OG.

Moo Brown Milk  Brown  (All Grain)

A light flavored brown ale with medium body and milk sweetness. The little brother of a milk stout.

Frakin' Ale  IPA  (All Grain)

A bigger IPA with a decent malt backbone and strong hop flavors. A simple recipe that's easy to brew with consistent results.

Charlie Papazian's Delirium Oat Rosemary Pale Ale  Pale Ale  (All Grain)

Charlie Papazian, the guru of home brewing himself, recipe for a Rosemary infused pale ale.

Bad Luck Brew  Amber  (All Grain)

A maltier Amber ale with an earthy hop profile I originally brewed on Friday the 13th in Febuary '09.

WTH Baltic Porter  Porter  (Mini-Mash)

A big-ass, rich and malty porter with plum like esthers. If you like big beers, you'll like this one. Great for late fall and into the holidays.

'Bon Scot'ch Ale  Scotch Ale  (All Grain)

A tribute to the late AC/DC singer Bon Scott and his homeland Scotland. This is a rich scottish ale with a simple single infusion mash and short grain bill.

Sitton Stout  Stout  (All Grain)

A hearty Oatmeal Stout as big and strong as the Packer's Guard and beer lover, Josh Sitton, but without the hair! A 1.071 gravity inspired by the Packer's #71.

Lemon Coriander Weiss  Weissbier  (All Grain)

A spicy Weissbier with a Belgian influence. Banana and clove aromas and flavors that finish with spicy Saaz hops and a citrusy lemon finish. A great summer beer.

SüperÃœber  Amber  (Extract)

An American STRONG ale with a nice Amarillo kick to keep things from getting too malty. Enjoy responsibly.