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Alrgiht, our focus shifted from adding public recipes to setting up the individual user accounts as you know. You can now create your own accounts and create, save, modify your own recipes as well. Create your accounts here.

You can share your recipes via the Email Recipe to a friend link on your personal recipe page while logged in. Keep adding your recipes to your personal recipe pages while we set up the voting system for making a recipe public and create the revered "Hall of Foam" recipe list.

We also want to enhance our recipe searching options before adding too many more public recipes and streamline the whole system as this will add to our database work.

If you have a recipe that absolutely needs to be made public, right this second now!, use the contact form and tell us which recipe it is. We'll dig it out and put it in the public section (btw we need wheat and weizens come to think of is summer!).

As always, feel free to contact us with any questions, comments, concerns or suggestions here. Also feel free to submit a recipe for us to view!

The basic structure of the home brew recipe database and management system is installed. Check them out here.We have a few recipes added, that you can view, import, and modify. More recipes will be added daily along with advanced search techniques.

So what does this mean? It means you can check out the recipes in the database (We added examples of All Grain, Mini-mash and Extract). You can view them and modify them. Let's say, you want to use Trish's Honey Brown recipe, but you brew with a higher (or lower) mash efficiency, or perhaps you'd like try make this recipe as an Extract or Mini-mash instead of the provided all grain recipe. Simply by clicking on the 'Customize Trish's Honey Brown' at the top of the recipe it will load the current version of the recipe into the Grain Bill Calculator so you can adjust it however you like. Make it an extract batch, or add crank up the specialty grains to suit your taste while still hitting the target gravity.

As always, feel free to contact us with any questions, comments, concerns or suggestions here. Also feel free to submit a recipe for us to view!

Now that a few of the basic home brewing tools and software are installed and ready for use, we will begin adding public recipes this week. You will be able to browse the public recipes and, with a click, import them into our Grain Bill Calculator to modify them to your taste, brewing style, batch size or equipment.

There will be three categories of recipes:

Eventually, you will be able to create a free account to store your favorite recipes online. You will then have more resources at your disposal. You will be able to submit your recipes to other members to get feedback. You will have the option keep your recipes private, share them or even add them to the public recipe list. Or maybe, just maybe, you will author the next recipe to be voted into the Hall Of Foam!