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Frakin' Ale

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A bigger IPA with a decent malt backbone and strong hop flavors. A simple recipe that's easy to brew with consistent results.

Name: Frakin' Ale  Style: IPA  Recipe Type: All Grain  Batch Size: 5 gallons
Original Gravity: 1.060
Mash Efficiency: 57%

Grain Bill:
Two Row Malt: 12lbs 0oz
Biscuit Malt: 1lbs 0oz
Crystal Malt: 1lbs 0oz

Hop Schedule:
Hop: Simcoe 1oz   12.7% alpha acid   60 minutes
Hop: Amarillo .5oz   8.7% alpha acid   60 minutes
Hop: Amaillo .5oz   8.7% alpha acid   10 minutes
Hop: Simcoe 1oz   12.7% alpha acid   Dry Hop


Just a simple, single infusion mash at 155 degrees for 60 minutes. Batch sparge until wort is clear. Sparge with 170 degree water until wort volume reaches 6-6.5 gallons.

I add a tbsp of Gypsum preboil, but it is optional. Bring wort to a rolling boil. Complete the hop scedule, cool and put into the fermenter.

Dry hop with the last ounce of Simcoe (I prefer pellet hops in a hop ball) and pitch with Wyeast 1318 London III. Ferment to completion, keg(or bottle) drink and enjoy!