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WTH Baltic Porter

Customize WTH Baltic Porter


A big-ass, rich and malty porter with plum like esthers. If you like big beers, you'll like this one. Great for late fall and into the holidays.

Name: WTH Baltic Porter  Style: Porter  Recipe Type: Mini-Mash  Batch Size: 5 gallons
Original Gravity: 1.086
Mash Efficiency: 65%

Grain Bill:
Two Row Malt: 8lbs 0oz
Munich Malt: 1lbs 0oz
Lactose: 0lbs 8oz
Liquid Malt Extract: 3lbs 0oz
Molasses: 0lbs 4oz
Aromatic Malt: 0lbs 8oz
Biscuit Malt: 0lbs 8oz
Chocolate Malt: 0lbs 5oz
Crystal Malt: 1lbs 0oz
Flaked Barley: 0lbs 4oz
Roast Barley: 0lbs 5oz
Special B Malt: 0lbs 8oz

Hop Schedule:
Hop: Centennial 2oz   10.5% alpha acid   60 minutes
Hop: Centennial .5oz   10.5% alpha acid   10 minutes
Hop: Centennial .5oz   10.5% alpha acid   1 minutes


Combine the grain bill and mash at 160 degrees for 60 mins. Try not to let the temperature drop, we need to hold the higher temperature so the maltiness doesn't get over powered by the Centennial hops.

Batch sparge until wort clears. Sparge with 170 degree water until you collect 6.5 gallons of wort. Before boiling add 3lbs Briess Liquid Amber extract. Bring to a boil and complete the hop addition.

Cool to 65 degrees as quickly as possible and pitch with Wyeast 2112 California Lager.

Try to keep it in the 60-65 degree range for fermentation. Rack to glass carboy when bubbling slows.

*NOTE feel free to substitute the liquid extract with base malt and a little more crystal malt. My mash efficiency drops horribly if I go above the listed grain bill.*