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Sitton Stout

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A hearty Oatmeal Stout as big and strong as the Packer's Guard and beer lover, Josh Sitton, but without the hair! A 1.071 gravity inspired by the Packer's #71.

Name: Sitton Stout  Style: Stout  Recipe Type: All Grain  Batch Size: 5 gallons
Original Gravity: 1.071
Mash Efficiency: 70%

Grain Bill:
Two Row Malt: 10lbs 0oz
Ingredient 1: 0lbs 8oz
Biscuit Malt: 0lbs 8oz
Cara-Munich Malt: 1lbs 0oz
Chocolate Malt: 0lbs 4oz
Crystal Malt: 0lbs 10oz
Roast Barley: 0lbs 4oz
Special B Malt: 0lbs 12oz

Hop Schedule:
Hop: Kent Goldings 1.5oz   5.4% alpha acid   60 minutes
Hop: Kent Goldings .5oz   5.4% alpha acid   10 minutes


Special Ingredient 1 is just Quaker Rolled Oats. These need to be prepared ahead of time by spreading them out on a cookie sheet and baking in the oven them at 300 degrees for roughly 45-60 minutes. Stir them up occasionally and bake them until they are golden brown, but not burnt.

Combine grain bill, including the pre baked oats, and mash at 157 for 60 mins. Leave the lid open on your mash tun and allow the mash to slowly cool for the entire 60 mins. How much it cools will depend on your equipment, but mine only cooled to around 150 degrees.

Sparge the entire runoff until the wort clears. Continue sparging wth 170 degree water until you collect 6.5-7 gallons of wort.

Bring the wort to a boil and complete the hop schedule. Cool wort to 70 degrees and pitch with Wyeast 1099 Whitebread Ale yeast for a slightly sweeter stout. Your favorite British Ale yeast can be used as well.

Ferment until bubbling slows to around 1 bubble per minute and transer to a glass carboy. Wait until fermentaion is complete (approx 2 weeks) and keg/bottle and enjoy!

Serve at 60 degrees to bring out the maltiness.