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Home Brewing Recipes, Formulas and Software

Enough small talk, let's get to the beer:

About Us

Agravain started as a spreadsheet for creating home brew recipes in 2001. Originally named "All Grain Gravity", this spreadsheet was shortened to "Agravain" by our home brewing club, which is much easier to say than "Agraingrav" after a few home brews. It has evolved and has been refined into it's current form with many other tools added.

Our purpose here is simple. We are here to promote and help the zymurgist minded people of the Earth to unleash their talents (uh, beer) upon the world. You can search our home brew recipes, select one or more that appeal to you and then modify them to match your preferences, batch size, brewing style (all grain, extract, mini-mash), and mash efficiency with our free home brewing software.

Our home brewing software and calculators are designed to work smoothly on all mobile devices, and are completely free. There is no need to pay for a mobile app that will update often and bog down your SD card. Simply bookmark the Homebrewing Software & Tools page on your mobile device and you have many home brewing formulas and calculators at your disposal.

The effort to bring these home brewing tools to you is offically underway as of today, 4/13/2012. The first stages will involve getting the home brewing software up and running for immediate use before installing the home brew recipes and other features. They are free to use, so use them!.

Feel free to contact us with any questions, comments, concerns or suggestions here.